I Pull in My Horns

What might be the proper name: Retraction? Retractation? For both, the stem means ‘draw’, or ‘pull back’;, and the prefix,  ‘again’,  and what I must do is both, it seems: AMI informs me that my attempted visit refusals were caused by a ‘typo’ in my attempt:  http://myvikingdomain.com/ was just now successful. So I withdraw my earlier call for help, and hereby announce to all to whom it wasn’t plain and simple to solve: The surging millions who wanted to pull an oar in our quest may now do so!!!

I’m reminded of the tale I read somewhere long ago of a group of campers sitting around the evening fire. One cross-legged member bragged about his successes at something or other–let’s say it was  visits to the President (when that office was respected). When he finished, one of the other of the fire-ring sufferers told of a buck he’d shot in these very woods, it had a rack of antlers that spanned six feet across.

“That’s some big lie,” the braggart scoffed. “A buck with antlers that wide couldn’t get into these woods, the pines as close together as they are!”

“He had to pull in his horns,” answered the other.

That put-down I saw in the days of Bennet Cerf and The Saturday Review of Literature–before TV!


About aslak122

writing novels, 7 so far; golf (again, with a titanium left shoulder) Jean, still really lovely a wife, cooks our(mostly my) noon meal, we forage separately for breakfast and evening snack. I rotate from cereal with extra raisins, banana slices, honey to 2 soft-boiled eggs (70 seconds boil over low gas) and a bagel (whole wheat). Oh, and with the cold cereal a precursor of yogurt--cherry or blueberry., and a cup or two of green tea, Lipton's if you please! And several ounces of red wine with the noon meal, opening with one of Jean's absolutely best salads. Takes a while to tell about good food, right?
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