Knowing Good and Evil will kill you.

That’s a précis of parts of Genesis–I’m assuming you know it or can brush up on the Creation details.

It seems plain that the fruit of the Tree of Life was not originally forbidden–it was necessary to keep Adam & Eve from eating its fruit only after having eaten fruit off THAT tree, the other one. They were nearing the status of ‘us’.

Implying that there are other gods hanging around. It remains clear, though, that the pair could have lived with Him and the others if their knowledge had remained subsidiary to His.

Do you suppose it was this sort of subliminal hint that fostered the later Roman Catholic Church (whose name means ‘open to all’) practice of prohibiting the translation into, for one, Middle English from the Latin–so that only priests, educated in Latin, could read the Bible?

Or–and here we step into my ‘Walden Pond’–have I got this–precept/consequent–backwards?

But the plain sense is that the knowledge of good and evil makes Adam & Eve too smart, or wise, to be accepted in the company of ‘us’. Not that we’d object to them living forever, in our back pockets, belike, as long as they keep in their proper place.

Just think, too, of what an example He set, and how unfailingly followed, in every culture since: Elite, middle, slobs, slaves persist to this very day!

Or have I got this sequence of precedent/consequent–that we are as He made us–backwards, as well?

When they could have lived forever–is it not so?–in the bliss of ignorance of good and evil!

And speaking of precedents for our behavior: How about Eve being so considerate of her mate’s welfare, nutrition–“Here, honey, the man in the store said this is something new, said to be good for us!”

Or have I got this one backwards, too?

A brief flight of imagination: About three days after Eve bears Cain, Adam comes into the dwelling, wipes his sweaty brow with the back of his dirty hand, says to Eve, still incapacitated, no dinner for hardworking husband:

“You know, I’ve been wondering–Why did He plant that tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil in the Garden, the Garden I was supposed to ‘dress’ and so forth, and we die from eating its fruit?”

Eve, still typical wife/woman, answers: “Well, at least he warned you of it,” in that sort of whiny voice Adam noticed lately.

To which Adam didn’t respond, but shifted to “You were supposed to be a help ‘meet’ for me, so where’s my dinner?”

Then they quarrel about that, she saying that bearing his son kept her bedridden, she wished He had told her more about that, and he said he didn’t get any ideas until she put on that apron and they end up both of them glad they didn’t eat any of the fruit of the Tree of Life because if this was the way Life really is it’s nice to know this Good: It won’t go on forever.

And before you know it there’s a Pope in Rome, the Jews have been slaughtered by the thousands –and wait, here come some Crusaders!


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writing novels, 7 so far; golf (again, with a titanium left shoulder) Jean, still really lovely a wife, cooks our(mostly my) noon meal, we forage separately for breakfast and evening snack. I rotate from cereal with extra raisins, banana slices, honey to 2 soft-boiled eggs (70 seconds boil over low gas) and a bagel (whole wheat). Oh, and with the cold cereal a precursor of yogurt--cherry or blueberry., and a cup or two of green tea, Lipton's if you please! And several ounces of red wine with the noon meal, opening with one of Jean's absolutely best salads. Takes a while to tell about good food, right?
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