In his new book, he repeats that same error that weakens the initiating claim and thence all of the Constitution that follows: That the rights to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ come from the Christian God.

Our ancestors reasoned their way, by means of the enabling Alphabet, to those same claims of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.

Will you grant me that for the Norse, whose religion was for the Aesir, with Odin the boss, and  for the Chinese, if the boss wasn’t some Buddha, what rights they had, or claimed, didn’t come from the Christian God, nor for the Greeks, or the Bantus, and on and on.So may I start by having established that in every culture during the early, early, early days when people weren’t even tribes or clans yet and might made right in every family there was no need to profess any, claim any rights except to do what Pa said or else?

No, I’m not headed for the claim that in our land the Constitution denies those rights to any not Christian–but wouldn’t our claim be stronger if we claimed that over the centuries, building on what we’ve learned from earlier cultures like the Greeks, wise men like Plato and others, how desirable those rights for when, as is true today, their are so danged many people crowding this Earth that the claims to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are due, we’ve figured it out that a Constitution  claiming those rights is the right way to go?
     I could go to the snake in Eden again, using the Ophites’ claim that gaining wisdom by ‘eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,’ but then I’d be going along with the fiction of Eden, so that’s out, and if that sounds like something from  J. B.  Salinger so be it.
   And if I’ve lost you with Mark Levin, I’ve just begun his otherwise potent book,  Liberty and Tyranny. I just hate to see a thinker laming his arguments early in his book, claiming we have the rights from God.
Can anyone keep a straight face arguing that the need to claim a God came from some other human felt need except to take away/diminish the sting of certain death for all of us–we call ourselves MORTALS, don’t we? I accept the coming death, nearer to me than most at my age of 88–but does that diminish my desire for liberty–and happiness
–the pursuit of, anyway!–during what’s left? 
And for me, what endless happiness banging around at will in that miraculous Creator, the Alphabet!!!!!

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writing novels, 7 so far; golf (again, with a titanium left shoulder) Jean, still really lovely a wife, cooks our(mostly my) noon meal, we forage separately for breakfast and evening snack. I rotate from cereal with extra raisins, banana slices, honey to 2 soft-boiled eggs (70 seconds boil over low gas) and a bagel (whole wheat). Oh, and with the cold cereal a precursor of yogurt--cherry or blueberry., and a cup or two of green tea, Lipton's if you please! And several ounces of red wine with the noon meal, opening with one of Jean's absolutely best salads. Takes a while to tell about good food, right?
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12 Responses to THINK AGAIN, MARK LEVIN!

  1. says:

    You’re 88? Isn’t that a little old to be so spiteful toward the God you’re soon going to meet? Rhetorical question, of course it is.

    • aslak122 says:

      I am not going, ever, to meet tou’ll hat God to which you refer. Space here won’t allow more–but go to Amazon for The Serpent Stick, in which the Belief is developed at length. You’ll see why!

      • says:

        The Serpent Stick by George Nilsen is fiction. What is the relevance?

      • aslak122 says:

        I thought the direction was plain–in the novel the agonist, dissatisfied with the Christian dogma of Heaven as the ultimate goal of mortals becoming immortal, in his studies found his way opening to a Belief supported by the knowledge gained from the CE beginning to the present. I explained/presented his trek in TSS. Space nor inclination allow more here. The full story is in TSS–relevance clear?

      • says:

        No. It’s still fiction. Do you even understand who Christ is?

      • aslak122 says:

        Don’t read my blogs–thinking plainly upsets you!

  2. sea worthy says:

    Life on earth came before…… brain development

    • aslak122 says:

      Mike, I’d appreciate some elaboration on this comment–does it mean ‘the rights were ours before there were any words for them’?
      PS I responded below your comment, but I don’t have an account for that,I’m told,so I use this one.

  3. sea worthy says:

    I look at this blog and see rights in the first paragraph.
    I referenced a time before language when life was alive in a simple
    cycle due to the environment on earth and long before the time of Jesus
    and the development of brains.
    My reply is not an answer to the first paragraph or any of the recent posts to this blog.

  4. Sybil says:

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