A mistitled page–I quarrel with one of the literal meanings of ‘…near to/around something’ –for my site’s subject concerns a blending of outward and inward in a combination of differences which reshape themselves.For the author, that is, first.

For you the reader(s) who travel on the journey so inauspiciously begun with admitted ‘lies’ but a merely imagined and only in that sense ‘false’ journey–better named, ‘a voyage’ for it will involve a Viking longboat, that kind of serpent called a ‘dragon’ on its prow– but no straight course feasible with only the author as rower of a single oar.

Want to go–pull an oar– as if with Erik the Red, as my parents did nine centuries after that Viking? Or as that even earlier Ulysses–or better still as the later “Ulysses” of Tennyson’s poem?


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