An Unwitting Correspondent

While reading in Wikipedia about Dr Benjamin Carson I saw he was an author, so I went to Amazon with the name ‘Carson’ to wind up looking inside (as Amazon does allow) a book titled The Gospel According to Saint John, and was astounded to see that the Brookln ghetto boy who’d become a world-famous neurosurgeon had found the time to write a study of a gospel with page after page of footnotes!

My bad, as the current saying goes, wrong Carson. But this was a study of the same gospel the opening of which I discussed earlier, so I ordered the book. Let’s see if he tears my Belief to bits!, I thought. I have asked for comment, and absent others, take this one!

What D.A. Carson does is examine, page after many page, what other professed scholars have claimed, point out their weaknesses, from Christian Era 100, supposed the time when John wrote, up to CE 2000. (Apparently ‘CE’ has supplanted ‘AD’) There is, though, an omission, and some statements I think thought-provoking.

The word ‘heaven’ occurs only once–so listed in the index. Not definitive, I know, but what reasons or is it just happenstance?

More than a few pages and recurrences of ‘antisupernaturalism’–mostly championed by a scholar named Bultmann, but argued against by others(many, who are cited by Carson) do appear in the book. Antisupernaturalism is a doctrine disclaiming Jesus as anything more than a human being. Bultmann’s words (in translation from German) ‘Jesus was.’

On pages 96-111 Carson speaks for himself, writing, in order in these pages, “…Jesus is WORD, the expression of God, self-expression made fresh” “…John I:1-2  is the pre-existence of the Logos or Son”, and “in the wake of Jesus exaltation and his gift of the Spirit we can possess eternal life even now.” (emphasis mine.)

Logos is Greek for Word, akin to legein, to choose, gather, recount, tell.

I ask you: “How far apart from my Belief is that?”

I express mine in terms of modern discovery: The double helix of DNA, created by RNA, a single helix figured forth in my serpent stick icon in accordance with the serpent’s words in the Garden of Eden, reasoned in a mind evolving in accordance with Darwin’s claim for our bodies applied to our brains.

Could that be why the word ‘heaven’ occurs only once in Carson’s book?


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