Bestefar Joins the Quest

002 …a tide-set current pulled  me seemingly off course. I’d felt for years that my missing bestefar (grandfather), drowned off the Lofoten Islands, along with never knowingly living with my father, left me dangling. It was true that my maternal lineage was evident for generations–even that my USMC rank at retirement matched that of Oberst Leutenant Dons centuries ago–but he’d been a Dane. Close, on the peninsular tip just south of Norway, but not an acknowledged Viking.

Any son of King Olav was. Olav had been a Viking in the long boats between Norway and Britain. A rumor of the family name being Magnuson turned up in Trondhjem. My uncle Sigvart claimed to my sister Borghild, visiting in Trondhjem, that Magnuson was our name in Norge, so that son, Magnus, of the second King Olav drew me to the Celts and the Aesir.

And, just as in the other  religions I’d been digging into, the Norse gods of the Aesir had gods fashioned as Viking look-alikes with sons and daughters just as did the Greeks, the Romans, did their citizens, ad infinitum. So a hypothesis seemed reasonable: Turn the concept of God, for Christians, as our creator, upside down–cultures that created their God.

It matches with John’s statement: ‘In the beginning was the Word–‘, but to clarify the meaning of the whole sentence–‘and the Word was God,and the word was with God– how can it be both?–change the  word order of the first phrase to ‘In the Word was the beginning —‘the statement becomes thought-worthy, and exciting, not just a confusing claim that demands we take it or leave it. What it now says is that from the Word followed the emergence, creation, of God. Since, creating our alphabet, as in all other cultures, was done by humans, it follows that Man created an alphabet, so Man created God in his (Man’s) image. And God, like Man, had a Son.

Okay, I’m going too fast? Another site: Mt Sinai, God, after giving Moses a rod/serpent, tells Moses, when Moses asks by what name shall I refer to our God to my fellows leaving Egypt? answers “I AM!” Get past the ‘Who’s on first’ echo when Moses tells his brother Aaron ‘I AM’ when Aaron, sweating from dancing around the golden calf, asks,” What god gave you those stone tablets?”

Rene Descartes is famous for writing, ‘Cogito, ergo sum(I think, therefore I am.)’ That image of one’s self, which everyone has, sometimes called alter ego or self-image–what he/she pictures as her/his ideal self–conscience, if you will, is that God.

Here’s the whole package of my Belief; Since your God is within you, your creation, you can bypass having to die and be resurrected to go to Heaven(and where it is in NASA’s  view, and how we’d get there?) for you and your God are inseparable and you are in Heaven. Your DNA passed on to children is your immortality.

And my bestefar is beside me, and he’s got the other oar!!

A miracle of its own, isn’t it? Man, whether it be the Chinese ideograms or Anglo-Saxons taking over what Greeks perfected, create words with letters, enabling John to make that statement. And what you are reading right now!


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