Cultural Marxism

The title comes from the ‘Other Voices’ section of The Daily Commercial, a Leesburg, FL daily’s Sunday edition of May 19, 2013. He (a reader named Sonny Heninger) defines it: “(It). . . uses political correctness to state (that) all of history is determined by power and one group (Progressives) is to have power over all other groups.”
I had never seen it so stated before, and my appetite for thought-provoking statements raged immediately. I dearly love thought-provoking statements, as any reader of my previous Pages & Posts can verify. And that hunger of mine is in accord with another of Heninger’s sentences:
“The cure for this parasite(PC) is to focus on the individual.”
Of course this immediately reminds me of my own sentence: ‘Any individual belief is tolerable; when it becomes a religion with its organization and strictures it becomes a cause of strife.’
And why is this so?
First, because it sets up a hierarchy, with a head of power and the rest subject to that power.
Next, the source of the power, its ‘giver’, is always a thing/person/event OUTSIDE of the individual. Exemplum gratis: Christianity, with its Pope, who is infallible, down through Cardinal, Bishop, Priest.
And lastly, that given religion devotes itself to its opposite: The grasp of material wealth/power, becoming patterned as is monarchy, democracy (power to ‘the people’ is its claim) but, the present President as example, enjoys an extension to its head of immense wealth and power until the religion, just like democracy, is merely the facade of that power’s exercise, and ends being all powerful and therefore all corrupt.
Exemplum gratia: Obama Care, touted as a benevolent outreach by a caring president for millions of uninsured citizens, but unmasked as yet another tax plan for the powerful one to use as payment for more votes.
A bit more of thought provocation: Who is to blame? Again, what Eleanor Roosevelt told us in the Colgate Chapel in 1945: “You can be tyrannized only if you accept it.”


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