My Origin

george 0041925, a ‘syttende mai’ son of 1905 Norwegian immigrants in Bergland,MI–Upper Peninsula lumber mill town, population 500 (so read the sign). The mill whistle at six a.m. began our day, the eight a.m. whistle began the saw’s spin and the workers’ backs to move inside the mill and outside in the millyard.From the tops of the 100-course piles one could see the near end of Lake Gogebic and watch the preloaded staked flat cars enter with white pine logs and/or leave, whistle dying, with lumber.

From 1907 until the 1930s Great Depression Bergland was a magnet; thereafter, except for a brief resurgence when the stuff of atom bombs was found in the nearby White Pine Mine, my town of origin was in and after WW II, a point of departure.

The photo is a lie if taken as current–but a sort of lie meant to signify the reason for this website: A course of action taken by the author to match a rebirth, beginning from the time of the serpent stick elsewhere visible, from a standard Lutheran Christianity to a new Belief for which the single-helix shogetsu walking stick replaces the Cross as avatar.


9 Responses to My Origin

  1. araneus1 says:

    A while back you visited and read a story of mine. You commented with a slice of a story about your childhood dog……… there was a kind of promise that the full story would be told on these pages……… I hope that will come true some time soon?

    • aslak122 says:

      Better/Worse Later: It’s the story of how Sally the black Lab came, stayed, and her body lies under her stone on the north slope of Roan Mt, TN. Some day maybe she’ll take a peek out of our hearts long enough to visit with you, Until then I’m mute about her!

  2. sea worthy says:

    thank goodness

    • aslak122 says:

      If that’s what brought it into existence!

      • sea worthy says:

        A Viking mitten dating from the year 800 and an ornate walking stick, a Bronze Age leather shoe, ancient bows, and arrowheads used to hunt reindeer are also among 1,600 artifacts found in Norway’s southern mountains since thawing accelerated in 2006.”This is only the start,” Piloe said, predicting many more finds.

  3. aslak122 says:

    My mother knit mittens in the Icelandic pattern, black on white; my last pair, now over fifty years old, I framed for wall-hanging and sent to my oldest son for his enrichment.

  4. sea worthy says:

    This isn’t about your mother.(above). Is this possibly true or phonetics? A 9th century Viking woman was buried with a ring with ‘for allah’ on it. If interested in the story, search-
    Washington Post Why was a 9th century Viking woman buried with a ring that says ‘for allah’ on it?

  5. elliehjemmet says:

    Dear George, I can’t believe I have waited this long to try to order your “Serpent Stick” a theme which I knew immediately would fascinate me. I have apparently waited too long! Thought you would like to know that the only copies of the book on Amazon are priced at $68.65 used and $68.95 new… 4 copies only. Is there any hope you would have one available to sell to me at the original price? I will buy it today from you if you do. Sending news of your 96 year old penpal, my mom Ingrid who corresponds with you in Norwegian. She is in the hospital with a hip fracture and surgery scheduled for noon today. She has also had a heart attack inn conjunction with the injury, and is still going for surgery. We hope for the best. Her 5 year old great great grandson left her a stuffed animal yesterday to keep and bring back to him and news her first great great granddaughter, his sister, is due to arrive around April 1st. We are hoping this is motivation for her to tough this out so she can get to hold the first girl child in the family since 1980. They’ll put some sort of glue at the fracture and expect the procedure to take only an hour. Keep her in your thoughts. Sending much love to you both from Roan Mountain!

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