The Avatar as Point of Departure

002   …from a site beginning long before one found the shogetsu tree. For in Genesis one finds what God can do: ‘Let there be light: and there was light’ by the power of words.What God is one finds ahead in John: ‘In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was God.’ Words to Adam: Don’t touch or eat the fruit of that tree. But isn’t the steadfast effort of Christian religion, of the church, to teach Good and Evil, that we may pursue one and eschew the other?

Is not Knowledge expressed, and to be found, in words? If God is Word, are not seekers in Words seeking God? Consider the serpent in Eden not as Evil, as taught by the church dogma, shown by John Milton as a rebellious angel Lucifer, but as the Ophites as a forerunner of Salvation through knowledge gained by seekers of words? Hence the serpent stick one found in Aebano, Japan a sign, perhaps not to be found elsewhere, but by this author, uneasy at the apparent absence of Heaven, as a sign to become a seeker in words?

The alphabet the enabler, a miracle akin to the loaves and fishes?

But can a quest, a voyage, begin, continue  from this point of departure? How could the serpent stick become a just avatar for, signify a voyage departure point, a voyage course guiding star ‘…whose worth’s unknown though its height be taken” (Sonnet 116)and be its goal, its harbor?

Its helical form duplicates that of the RNA single helix, from which is derived our double helix DNA, our link to our dimming past figures and future mortals yet unformed.


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