The Quest

002 What follows  from no Heaven is no God–that is, precedent to Man, of whose existence awareness is a given. Was it Stephen Crane who penned the lines,

A Man confronted the Univese.

“Sir, I exist!”

“A Fact,” replied the Universe, “which creates in Me

No sense of Obligation.”

The author, challenged, delved into the Christian history as well as others–Hindu, Old Testament, Islamic. The medium of record (e.g., Christianity) and of search was of course words, written words, enabled by alphabets. The words of English in an alphabet given vowels by the Greeks was more or less contemporary with the rise of the religion–in a  way, the Judean/Roman God born when the words were  written. Not more than an assumption, and it suggested, what if, but no!

When was God created, or born, came into existence–how does one state it? Or was/has He always existed–we can’t comprehend that, just another mystery, right?

See how a single rower, just one oar in the water, goes in circles? Early in this site, no other viewers’ comments yet.


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