The Question

002 The avatar is simultaneously the launch point, the ‘pole star’, and descriptive of the course followed. But just as the author’s photo ‘lies’ by representing the author at the age when the serpent stick was found and fashioned, so the starting point has to move backward even more to the author’s grandfather’s (‘bestefar’s) having drowned on a fishing voyage off the Lofoten Islands in the late 1800s.

According to the author’s mother (mor) his bestefar is now in Heaven. For a five-year-old a place in a misty somewhere ‘up there’. A place whose image disappears when the world sees what NASA voyagers see: Space–frozen, airless, bleak or burning blobs of matter!

Where is my bestefar?

Thus, now at the time of the photo and the serpent stick, what of Resurrection and Heaven? And all the rest of my Confirmation Classes with Reverend Ziehlsdorf?

New point of Christian beginning–or departure?: Genesis–a voyage of search  & consider.


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