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Success from the blue: My default address changed to: aslak122@outlook.com in the blink of an eye!

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I hope to change the personal address given in my Responses to Comments from the ‘hotmail’ version to the current actual one of ‘outlook’ as in ‘aslak122@outlook.com’. Any detailed directions will be appreciated!

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Oar in the Water Again

I see the cursor so I begin here–a different PC, an ASUS, with different page format.
From the title it’s plain the Viking is back on the water, more or less constituted by the numerous comment–some 70+!!!
Another novel, this one a sequel to The Serpent Stick. The same people but later on (of course , in a sequel!) in which the pagan goddess Ashtoreth orders a glacial drop
of a huge flat stone, broken gouging out Lake Superior on Aslak Bergland’s farm on the Mile Road and the stones direct and speak of the action thereafter.
Named WORDS FROM STONES–the novel, that is. Not published yet, but I send it out in the dragon boat day after day. No takers for publishing yet, but the boat is named Neversink!
And that’s the reason for this post’s name.

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So The Serpent Stick is venturing forth into the world of readers by dribs and drabs and Words From Stones is awaiting perusal by the only agent to receive its query and first pages on paper and I’ve been without a ‘story’ to mull over on my morning walk amongst the silent sleeping places of Country Club Manor.

The onset of the title of this post is my decision to go north in June to traverse the Pinehurst golf course during the US Open in North Carolina. I’ve walked a lot of courses, mostly at the senior players’ events, but none for the past decade or so and seldom at one of the ‘flat belly’ tournaments (so called by the Merry Mex,, Lee Trevino) And followed Jack and Gary, et cetera, but never the Tiger.

So I feel justified by making the trip, since I’ve invested many swings of all of the clubs over the years and while I play no holes lately, but several afternoons a week I enjoy hitting golf balls on the Mt Dora Old Course practice range in part for the outdoor exercise and the deep satisfaction of watching a good shot hang in the air (when it does!).

But the lately-acquired habit of having some idea for a story with some theme, or a ‘chewable’ idea underlying the people and their actions is a habit I also enjoy, so now ‘Going North’ is drawing some words to it on my Word program.

I start with listing actual trips to have a working narrative to  relate as exposition of the ‘idea’. The other day I received a notice from the office lady at the Southern Appalachian Highlands Conservancy (SAHC) of a send-off party for Judy Murray, the once-wedded-wife of the founder of SAHC, Stan Murray, on the occasion of her retirement as the Roan Mountain maintenance crew chief. I sent a note back that I hoped to be there on the seventeenth of April in Kingsport, TN.

See, another ‘Going North’. And  being, as Popeye always asserted, ‘what I am’, I begin mulling over what other significances might be hiding in the weeds about ‘going north’–for me, first, and for, second, any reader of anything I might describe.

In a novel, no less. Maybe none, maybe some–just poke it, twist, stretch, see what is wrung out.

First come, one created by my wife of over fifty years, personal so not for public espial. But I’m a Norseman by genetic standards, and have the typical Teutonic/Scandinavian ‘long’ head and what Somerset Maugham called his own ‘prognathous’ lower jaw. So going north has something of going back to where I came from (genetically).

Plus I now live in central Florida but was born and grew to eighteen in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula so ‘going north’ already has some of the literal aptness for an agonist in a novel who happens to be like me. I’ve noticed that authors  tend to write of ‘heroes’ resembling themselves, so while I freely acknowledge being ‘odd’ or even ‘weird’ it doesn’t bother me a bit-in fact ,if you look up  ‘weird’, you’ll see a logical link for novel writers, in that area of ‘where in the world does he get those ideas?’

YOU WONDER WHY A HERO SHOULD BE WEIRD? How about the one who steps into a phone booth, comes out wearing a cape, and can leap tall buildings at a single bound?

All told, ‘Going North’ seems worth mulling over. You read this to the end, didn’t you?! Keep your eye on this phone booth!


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In his new book, he repeats that same error that weakens the initiating claim and thence all of the Constitution that follows: That the rights to ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’ come from the Christian God.

Our ancestors reasoned their way, by means of the enabling Alphabet, to those same claims of ‘life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness’.

Will you grant me that for the Norse, whose religion was for the Aesir, with Odin the boss, and  for the Chinese, if the boss wasn’t some Buddha, what rights they had, or claimed, didn’t come from the Christian God, nor for the Greeks, or the Bantus, and on and on.So may I start by having established that in every culture during the early, early, early days when people weren’t even tribes or clans yet and might made right in every family there was no need to profess any, claim any rights except to do what Pa said or else?

No, I’m not headed for the claim that in our land the Constitution denies those rights to any not Christian–but wouldn’t our claim be stronger if we claimed that over the centuries, building on what we’ve learned from earlier cultures like the Greeks, wise men like Plato and others, how desirable those rights for when, as is true today, their are so danged many people crowding this Earth that the claims to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness are due, we’ve figured it out that a Constitution  claiming those rights is the right way to go?
     I could go to the snake in Eden again, using the Ophites’ claim that gaining wisdom by ‘eating the fruit of the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil,’ but then I’d be going along with the fiction of Eden, so that’s out, and if that sounds like something from  J. B.  Salinger so be it.
   And if I’ve lost you with Mark Levin, I’ve just begun his otherwise potent book,  Liberty and Tyranny. I just hate to see a thinker laming his arguments early in his book, claiming we have the rights from God.
Can anyone keep a straight face arguing that the need to claim a God came from some other human felt need except to take away/diminish the sting of certain death for all of us–we call ourselves MORTALS, don’t we? I accept the coming death, nearer to me than most at my age of 88–but does that diminish my desire for liberty–and happiness
–the pursuit of, anyway!–during what’s left? 
And for me, what endless happiness banging around at will in that miraculous Creator, the Alphabet!!!!!
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